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Best of all, reading couples devotions together get us in God’s word together (which always changes us for the better! If you’re looking to grow closer to your spouse and to be the best wife or husband that you can be, check out these 8 incredible couples devotionals, including our pick for the best couples devotional overall.

As Christian couples, we need to regularly invest in our marriages.

I know that my relationship with Christ has grown as well as my relationship with my girlfriend.

So if you want that more intimate relationship with Christ and your relationship with you significant other to grow I suggest you give this a read.

It is ultimately a deep, mysterious, and unfathomable spiritual endeavour.” Jim and Jean Daly, in their book , add to this by explaining that marriage was created by God and therefore we need Him to be in the centre of it: “We're called not only to preserve the God-ordained institution of marriage and highlight its benefits and His reasons for it; we're to model it well, too." And doing devotions as a couple is a key way to nourish your marriage.

Marriage is a beautiful, God-designed relationship that is used to reflect God's glory to the world, which is why it's so often under attack.

Whether plagued by busyness or conflict, marriage can often be rife with difficulty – and the spiritual dimension of this relationship is just as vulnerable. Swihart and Wilford Wooten are Focus on the Family counsellors who contributed to the Dalys' In the introduction they explain, “The spiritual dimension of your relationship can be a point of contention, too.

Heather and her husband may not be able to keep up the momentum of a daily devotion, but they could begin by doing one weekly – or even monthly. “When researchers examined the characteristics of fulfilled couples who had been married for more than two decades, one of the most important qualities they found was 'faith in God and spiritual commitment,' ” the Parrotts write.

Any good habit – whether it's running, eating well or feeding your soul through devotions – needs to start somewhere. “We never needed scientists to tell us that spiritual meaning was important to our marriage. Marriage is not a superficial bonding, a mere machine that needs routine maintenance to keep it functioning.

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