Recommdations for updating commodity flow study

Funding for this technology effort is included in the Services Program Objective Memorandum (POM).

As the possibility of a new and needed weapon emerges from this basic technology effort it is introduced in sub- sequent POM's as an individual weapon system requirement.

recommdations for updating commodity flow study-67

-- OVERVIEW WHY THE: SURVEY W A S CONDUCTED One of the long-range objectives of GAO's Major Acquisition Subdivision (MAS), Procurement and Systems Acquisition Division (PSAD), is to be able to advise the Congress concerning the need for proposed new major weapon systems in terms of identifying (1) national policy and ob- jectives, (2) projected enemy threats, (3) the national strategy and the implementing p l a n s which may be necessary to respond to these threats, (4) the roles and missions of the armed forces to carry out the plans, and (5) the force levels necessary to support the response.The survey gathered the following information: A summary of the survey results is available for viewing or download in the two pdf files below.Commodity Flow Study (PDF) External Commodity Flow Survey (PDF) For further information, please contact: Alan Brownlee City of Edmonton Tel (780) 496-2601 Email: [email protected] on this site require Acrobat Reader 4.0 or better, available for free from Adobe.While the purpose of the POM reviews are emphasized as being bud- getary, service conflict situations, material or requirement redundancies, and system adequacies are also scrutinized.Another process related to the PPBS is the Defense Systems Acquisition Review Council (DSARC).

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