Realtime currency updating application

In addition, the realtime engine includes means for storing copies of the data values last sent to the application.

Frequently, it is desirable to analyze the data available from such data feeds to make buy or sell decisions for financial instruments, to decide other financial and/or management related issues, or to control manufacturing processes.

For example, the realtime data feed may be a public financial wire service, such as might be available from the New York Stock Exchange, Reuters or Knight-Ridder, that provides users with the most recent prices for stocks and trades.

It may be a private financial data source that distributes financial data within a particular business or institution, such as a bank.

Yet another advantage of the invention is that it also offers a filtering capability which screens out all data relating to items that are not of interest to the application and it sends for items of interest all data received from the data feed. 2 is an overview of the three principle data structures within the realtime engine shown in FIG. 3 shows the global interest list control block data structure; FIG.

Other advantages and features will become apparent from the following description of the preferred embodiment and from the claims. 4 shows the data feed control block data structure and related data structures; FIG.

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