Reality dating shows and drama

Kelli Korducki, writing in Real Life about ABC’s franchise, pointed to the sticky parallels between reality TV and social media.

“Any person with an Instagram account can confirm that it’s pleasing to see people as they desire to be seen, even while knowing that the proffered glimpse is curatorial at the least.” But it doesn’t typically play out like that on a show like .

It’s partly why I’m enthralled by this particular breed of show.But I don’t know if this is true any more, or if it ever was. I now realize what mesmerizes me isn’t the wisdom of these shows, but their brazen emptiness. They manufacture authenticity not into a utopian form of devotion or unattainable love—there are no perfect relationships on display—but into a messy vision of affection and longing.The pursuit of love is an imperfect, chaotic endeavor.What I’ve come to love particularly about the various, and very cheesy, reality dating series, above other reality TV subgenres, is how contestants seem less polished; there is a loss of control that, at some point, overtakes the show—one contestants seem to willfully embrace.And so reality becomes a fantasy for us, and a dark fiction for the contestant.

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