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And you can choose from thousands of singles at your own pace.

With Russian Cupid being a paid service, it's understandable if people are apprehensive before signing up.

Lots of foreign males cherish ladies there for their intelligence, natural beauty, pec... Let’s say, you have already found a couple of members appeali...

Lots of men decide to change their life and date oriental women instead of their Western counterparts.

Some people find it curious, whereas others wonder why such men aren’t satisfied with what they h...

For lots of newbies in online dating choosing a proper site is the top challenge.

If these characteristics match your criteria, there is a green dot on the right of the field. It shows your characteristics and if you match their criteria, there is a green dot on the right.

It is helpful in showing how compatible you are with someone because at a glance, the more green there is, the more compatible you two are.

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This means that they cannot read the message unless you or they upgrade to a premium membership.You can choose the subject of your message from a list of drop-down options.These subjects have all been pre-made by Russian Cupid and cannot be edited, such as: Even though it is not a matchmaking website, Russian Cupid offers surprisingly detailed profiles.Most of the visitors come from Russia, followed by the United States.This follows the demographic set by their advertising materials wherein most female members come from Russia while most male members come from the United States.

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