Real radio dating yorkshire

Heart's network programming and brand name will be used under a franchise agreement.

On 25 March 2014, the stations began a transition period to the Heart branding.

When i was a child if I was trying clothes on which were too big she would say "that'll not do it will fit Todmordern Jack", who ever he might be? Thank you, thank you Petuniamint - I say 'thoil' and my husband (also from Yorkshire) says I've made the word up!

I also say 'I need to siden up' meaning to tidy up and he doesn't believe that either. I'm aged 64 and my roots are both Lancashire and Yorkshire.

On , the Competition Commission ruled Global would have to sell radio stations in seven areas of the UK - including all areas served by a Real Radio station.

On 6 February 2014, Global Radio announced it would be rebranding all Real Radio stations as Heart and be selling Real Radio Yorkshire and the Northern licence of Real Radio Wales to Communicorp.

So let's say laziness and a lack of attention to detail - especially if it's my own laziness and lack of attention to detail. Usually I'm more interested in real people than celebrities, but I'd like to get to know those famous people who don't give much away.... Favourite place on the Yorkshire Coast: I can't narrow it down to one, so I'll do you a list.

Here comes a list, some are similar in soundings, some also similar in spelling.bairn-child-BARN.berg-mountain-BERG.brant-steep-BRANT.beck-brook-BÄÄBB(birds beak).skrike-cry,scream-SKRIK(a scream).sten-stone-STEN.stor-great-STOR.strand-shore-STRAND(beach).sup-drink-SUP(snaps). My wife (from Lancashire) thinks that the expression "Lick road clean wi' tongue" is an old yorkshire expression, I (from New South Wales) say that it has been introduced to the vernacular by Monty Python. Barnsley word 'gip' for urge or feel like being sick.

I'd like to include a Yorkshire phrase or sentence, something kind of hard to translate for someone that doesn't really speak it. When I was a kid my Grandpa used to put me on his shoulders and say a rhyme. Hast tha seen our Marys Bonnet, its a stunner and no mystak, yella ribbons yella roses n a great big feather hung downt back.

The jist of it is to see how much of an anglophile one really is. This is as my great grandma Florrie Hall would say.

Initially serving south and west Wales, the station expanded to north and mid Wales in January 2011, over two years after winning a second licence.

A bid to expand the service to Aberdeenshire in 2006 proved unsuccessful, losing out to Original 106.

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