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In "Disadvantages..." I changed the term pedophiles to underage-sex predators, because most often, police are baiting persons seeking presumably illegal sexual activities with adolescents (and not necessarily people with a sexual interest in young children.) Perhaps there is a better wording than underage-sex predators, though. However, recent reports suggests that the Legend, the man himself, Bloodninja, is lurking around in a videogame, Star Craft II: Wings of Liberty by Blizzard Entertainment, on an online-multiplayer interface known as, in a chat-channel "Zerg Strategy" Mdwh , 10 September 2007 (UTC) Bloodninja has closed the book on this. However, this does give me an idea for a section of this article: Ridicule and/or criticism. --Onore Baka Sama (talk) , 13 February 2010 (UTC) Cyber Sex Game is a new wave of cyber sex.As you can not have sex with anyone online, you can try and pursuit different people and have sex with them online. I should also announce that I am linked to Sex Standing. , (UTC) It allows for anonymous review and ranking of sexual experiences.Also, this article does not make clear that a good deal of roleplaying is not that different from standard erotic literature (albeit often very badly written). I'm getting tired of seeing these stupid, "Sex Texting" on the Cellphone.-- Zantastik This article discusses different motivations behind cybersex, but I postulate one unmentioned (inasmuch as I can see) which is that of practice... --66.2 , 5 November 2006 (UTC) "Debate continues among moralists on whether cybersex is a form of infidelity." That doesn't seem to take account of the possibility of two committed people in a long-distance relationship, or even a married couple unavoidably separated for a while, having cybersex, which would certainly not be infidelity! That people debate it is perhaps worthy of mention somewhere, but it's not clear that it's a disadvantage.--Ed Poor While there are a lot more women online than there used to be, and many of them do "cyber," there are a lot of guys out there who take female "avatars" and do cybersex just to get their rocks off.

As for the recent image I added I can understand that may be shocking to some people but honestly: 1) it's correctly linked to the subject contrary to the other pictures, 2) the composition and the attitude of the woman aren't creating any porn aspect of the subject since we don't really see anything really explicit nor details of her intimacy. I mean goodgrief, cybersex between a 46 year old and 15 year old over the internet isn't technically illegal. But a 46 year old ENCOURAGING or TELLING a 15 year old to meet him in real life IS illegal since the lowest age of consent in the U. Nateland , 9 September 2007 (UTC) Sorry to dissapoint, but teen's have sex with teen's online.--.203 (talk) , (UTC) I have removed the image.A lot of people I know enjoy the idea of cybersex as practice before one's first time, so as to get it right on the wedding night.. I mean, normal sex most definitely can count as infidelity, but people wouldn't say that a disavantage of sex is that it's a form of infidelity!as long as both participants behave realistically to the best of their ability. User:tomtyke 05.57, 1st April 2006 (BST) Examples, maybe? Clearly the problem is with the infidelity, not sex (physical or cyber) in general. Mainly because this section of the talk page is more or less spam.Just because images can be added, doesn't mean they should be added.Neitherday , 23 July 2007 (UTC)I agree, and based on a recent conversation with an editor after I reverted his addition of a picture because I didn't believe it added anything to the article (to shortly be reverted myself by someone who did) I think all images should be removed from this article as none of them add anything to it. I don't particularly want to be bold if I'm the only one who thinks this...

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