Raja dhody dating daughters friend

Priya who is happily married was dragged into this mess due to designer rivalry.

Just when the matter seemed to have died a slow death, Maheka went and posted a picture with Priya in the same gossip column as if to say all is well.

She was recently accused of leaking information to a gossip column about a hyper wife who suspected her husband of having a ‘glad eye’.

The wife who happens to be a friend and a regular client of Maheka was apparently miffed about the attention her husband gave designer Priya Kataria Puri at a Paris wedding.

However, her husband’s status on Facebook now says he is single and he introduces himself as her ex-husband.

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Little wonder then that this seemingly biased accusation didn’t find too much support from even the trolls on twitter.

In a Botox and filler obsessed society Farah Khan Ali comes across as refreshingly different.

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