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According to the research, at current rates of emissions increase, a new piece of clothing in 2050 would have the same carbon date as a robe worn by William the Conqueror 1,000 years earlier!

This will really depend on how much emissions increase or decrease over the next century, in terms of how strong this dilution effect gets.

Prepared graphite targets are then sent to an AMS laboratory for the measurement – Poznań Radiocarbon Laboratory, in Poland or Leibniz Laboratory for Radiometric Dating and Isotope Research in Kiel, Germany.

Each batch of samples is accompanied by at least two modern standard (Oxalic Acid) and two background (coal or marble, containing no radioactive carbon) samples, prepared in the same way as samples of unknown age which are used for the age calculation.

By 2050, scientists warn, new fabrics could have the same radiocarbon date as items 1,000 years old!

Animals that go on to eat the plants ingest the carbon-14.

The method does not count beta particles, but rather the number of carbon atoms present in the sample and the proportion of the isotopes.

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But if we change this ratio of radioactive carbon to total carbon, by unwittingly adding up non-radioactive carbon, which is what is happening with fossil fuels.The layout of an Accelerator Mass Spectrometer: IS1, IS2 – two ion sources used for different elements/applications or to increase the throughput L1-L6 – electrostatic or magnetic lenses ESA1, ESA2 – electrostatic analysers PA – pre-acceleration of ions M1, M2 – magnets AT-, AT – acceleration tubes for negative and positive ions, respectively HV – high-voltage terminal SC – stripping channel D – detector Source: Tuniz et al., 1998 technique, the graphite targets are loaded in the sputter ion source which produces a beam of negative carbon ions.Subsequently, low-energy mass analysis is performed with the use of magnets and sometimes also electrostatic analysers.The tube is then maintained for several hours at a constant 900°C reduced to graphite during the reaction with hydrogen at the temperature of 600-630°C (dependent on the reduction rate of the sample) in the presence of iron as a catalyst.

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