Radioactive isotopes used for dating optime datings ru

In nuclear medicine, tracer radioisotopes may be taken orally or be injected or inhaled into the body.The radioisotope circulates through the body or is taken up only by certain tissues.Every chemical element has one or more radioactive isotopes.

tritium), however, is a radioactive isotope, the other two being stable.

Only hydrogen-3 (tritium), however, is a radioactive isotope; the other two are stable.

More than 1,800 radioactive isotopes of the various elements are known.

Other significant applications include the use of radioactive isotopes as compact sources of electrical power—e.g., plutonium-238 in spacecraft.

In such cases, the heat produced in the decay of the radioactive isotope is converted into electricity by means of thermoelectric junction circuits or related devices.

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