Racial preference in dating are shailene woodley and daren kagasoff still dating

This has a ripple effect on other preconceived notions as well, such as associating ethnic backgrounds with a certain career trajectory and earning potential.Such a train of thought arbitrarily privileges some groups over others based on the positive or negative stereotypes that underpin their race.Rather, they endeavor to only consider socially legitimate ethnic groups (usually limited to whiteness) as viable partners.The idea of “cherry picking” races to somehow magically have an ideal partner or relationship due to the racial dynamic alone needs to stop.It’s totally fine to acknowledge that you’re more attracted to certain traits, but it’s a whole different ballgame to use preferences in the negative. But if a brunette starts flirting with you, are you really going to shut them down immediately? You have no bearing on their personality yet and you likely recognize that hair color has little-to-no effect on potential romantic compatibility.

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Before I spark a litany of impassioned defenses of your dating history, I want to reassure you that I’m not saying that all preferences are inherently biased and oppressive. However, the most troublesome aspect of racial preferences lies in their exclusionary nature and heavy generalizations.

Implied universalism is not only biased, but dangerous in the ways that it allows racial and cultural hierarchies to persist while enabling the individual to avoid any self-introspection of the factors that led to the formation of this perspective.

Other times, racial preferences can be traced back to a bad dating experience.

Not only is it unreliable and illogical, but it propagates and validates oppression.

Race in itself has absolutely no bearing on a person’s effectiveness as a partner or their impact on a relationship. You may not consciously recognize or admit that racial preferences imply this, but if you stop and think about it, it couldn’t be more straightforward.

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