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And not every researcher is completely objective” Funny how all those caveats (the full paragraph is even longer) are never mentioned on Jezzie when the study is about how shitty and useless men are.It ends with this brilliant conclusion: “But, yeah, clearly sharing housework is not the reason couples split.The less sophisticated female (or average feminist) will escalate her attempt to get noticed with increasing acts of directness or volume, and assume masculine behaviors to progress up the approach scale in her peacock attempt to register on the male sexual radar.But even in the indirect situations when a woman fails to get a man’s attention, she lashes out with frustration, entitlement, and anger towards the man for not picking up her subtleties. She had eight vodkas and then she had sex with three guys.

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(Again, they also lack approach experience.) I’ve actually been asked out by women stone cold sober and in the harsh light of day.

I’ve had a few girls who were just awful try to get me to come home with them at last call, like they literally do the same thing half the guys there do, approach everything drunk at last call and try to get them horny and convince them to come over.

One hideous acne-covered fatty literally said “wtf, you’d rather go home ALONE than FUCK?? ” while grinding her huge ass on me while I was leaning against a wall with my hands in my pockets giving the “save me” eyes to my buddy……who was all over her friend and down for going home with them lol Naturals have the most…”flexible” standards.

Come on, people.” I’ve seen this a bunch of times ’cause these days my flirting/escalating is on auto-pilot with pretty much whatever girl is in front of me, but I actually have really specific tastes in women so I end up getting the girl attracted, but then turning her down because she’s not my type.

I’ve seen them do everything from break down crying to lashing out violently to getting hammered and causing a scene trying to get us thrown out, to lying to random guys to try to get them to beat me up, etc.

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