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Hacks may be necessary to allow the English characters to reflow, since Japanese is often more concise than English.

A great way to learn how this process works is to work on the (abandoned) Steins; Gate PSP translation: Here's a list of all the unofficial PSP game Translations that we know of. This list was rescued from the Akatranslations Wiki, which shut down when Wikispaces became paid-only. Projects that have been fully translated into English.

I am not describing it very well, but the demo is fun and their previous game, Pinewood Island is an interesting murder mystery otome that I very much enjoyed. I’ve only played/read the main game, but I bought the spinoff(? I’m really torn between the characters and if I should even trust them but I love it Brash is my favorite, though I hate him for various reasons at the same time lmao. It’s too hard to pick just one and yea, it didnt look like one plus i hate kns bcoz of the whole no choices thing. But damn, Doki Doki Lirerature Club is such a cool otome book.

(I hope it’s okay that I linked their kickstarter, I’m really hoping it gets backed but I’m not affiliated with it in any way.) i don’t think it would be a issue since its related to the subject matter at hand. ) as soon as it came out in English and I’m gonna play it all when I have more time Have you played the main game too? Though I advice people to play that one before Requiem of Innocence, as the latter spoil some very big plot twists from the main game And I don’t know how it can be so underrated, honestly? For some reason i hated all the kns I’ve tried before because it felt forced lol. came out recently and i just went all oh, well, i might as well play this one first since it’s the prequel. Probably bcoz it had “innocence” on it and i just thought oh okay so this was before everything went to shit. If you plan to try it be very mindful of the warnings, because even if it starts as classic dating sim, it take a turn for the worst very abruptly and darkly.

The protagonist Bella is independent, resilient, reasonable, and proactive.

In a crisis she neither despairs nor waits for rescue; she does whatever she can to save the day.

I dunno why, but the way they do their games really grates on my nerves lol.

Dating sims (or dating simulations) are a video game subgenre of simulation games, usually Japanese, with romantic elements.

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In the past few years, more and more games have been released in English, allowing players worldwide to date their share of handsome men.From memory I can recall only one occurence a the start.That is the kind of things that would me play a gender locked game where the protagonist is a female.Whether you're racing to stop a coup d'etat in a steampunk version of England or uncovering the mysteries of a bizarre world populated by talking pigeons, all otome games revolve around the protagonist eventually falling in love.For the most part, otome games are intended to be played multiple times, so that over the course of each character's story (or "route"), you'll see the whole story start to piece together.

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