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The Department for Work and Pensions may not be able to continue to pay you benefits if we don’t receive this form in time.If you cannot return the form in time, let us know as soon as possible.

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Here are some awesome personality tests to try the next time you’re all “Um, what should we do today/tonight?essay about a set of questions so vulnerable—and at the same time, so approachable—that it can potentially make falling in love happen faster?Even if you don’t become life partners after doing this, it’s still a really fascinating way to get to know someone and super easy to pull up on your phone at a bar.Knowing how you each prefer to receive and express love (instead of assuming everyone wants hugs or surprise gifts) legit helps you make each other happier.And it’s fun to playfully debate why “quality time” is so much better than “words of affirmation.” This test claims that most personality quizzes are “junk science” and its results are better (OUCH to everyone else on this list).

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