Praying together as a couple dating

Whether or not dating couples should pray together is a touchy subject.Some people adamantly proclaim that praying together is incredibly important for dating couples because they need God’s guidance and direction in their relationship.Once you are confident that you are dating your future spouse and are (pre-engaged), you may then want to begin to share more intimate times of prayer (and still in a public place ~smile~).Most of the Christian couples that I know do not pray together.The fact of the matter is that if we don't pray very much, then prayer is really not very important to us. When I talk about praying with your spouse, I'm talking about the two of you sitting down together, holding hands, and seriously praying.

He says he prays by himself, but he won't pray together with his wife.

Praying with his wife makes him feel too uncomfortable, so he won't pray with her. Very few Christian couples actually take the time to pray together.

Pollster George Barna recently reported his findings from interviews with 3,142 randomly selected adults, 1,220 of whom were born-again Christians.

You will never hear me (by the grace of God) tell someone that he or she should not pray; however, before a couple commits to marry each other, I would recommend that they exercise caution in spending too much time praying together.

Of the spiritual intimacies discussed in this series, prayer is one of the most intimate spiritual experiences you can share with another person.

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