Polycom 450 updating initial configuration intimidating management style

Resetting configuration data or rolling back the firmware on Lync IP phones is one of the most basic troubleshooting procedures, but at the core is also often misunderstood.This article will cover the reset procedures as well as explain what is actually happening on the devices.When another firmware update is applied to the phone for an even newer version (e.g.4.0.7577.4420) then the downloaded version is again installed into the inactive partition, overwriting the previously stored version (4.0.7577.0).

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Whatever version was active before this process was triggered is left unchanged.In most cases where devices are systematically upgraded throughout each Cumulative Update (CU) released by Microsoft then it would most likely be one version older.This tedious manual process triggers the device’s built-in protection mechanism where a corrupted firmware load that causes the device to crash on bootup.The common range of Polycom CX model phones which run LPE are very simple devices and actually performing a reset is straightforward.But it is important to understand exactly what ‘resetting’ a device means and what happens when the events are triggered.

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