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In addition, the words "instituted among members" implies that members didn't practice plural marriage until the early 1840s.In speaking about the general membership, this is true, but Joseph Smith was a member of the church and he clearly practiced it before the 1840s.The revelation was in fact recorded on July 12, 1843 while the first polygamous marriage was between Joseph Smith and his 16-year-old maid Fanny Alger in 1833.There would be another 26 women married to Joseph before July 1843.Link to: Remembering the Wives of Joseph Smith 3) Second paragraph excerpt: Thereafter, for more than half a century, plural marriage was practiced by some Latter-day Saints.

Also, the revelation was prepared after plural marriage had been practiced for several years.

This is an extremely important "piece" to study for many reasons.

The essay can be read here: Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo Mormon Think will be responding to the essay here: Plural Marriage in Kirtland & Nauvoo - Response to A Mormon Think editor responds to the Plural Marriage and Families in Utah essay below.

This is probably accurate but is at odds with statements by prophets of the Church such as Gordon B.

Hinckley who stated in a televised interview with Larry King that plural marriage "was on a RESTRICTED SCALE, between 2% and 5%...

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