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Authorities ruled out suicide in the incident and an investigation is underway to determine who instructed them to film on a restricted area on the tracks, Burbank Police Sgt. Police reportedly said that the other men, who were filming Plitt, were not injured in the incident.

A fellow model said that Plitt was filming an advertisement for a protein shake, according to Mirror Online.

Greg mentioned in an article back in 2015 that pride was our biggest mistake when working out.

“Pride will cause you to lift to impress.” Mentioning that if we enter the gym with our pride over our safety we will try to lift more than we can handle, push harder than we are supposed to, and to prove something to someone other than ourselves.

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Focusing on form and the correct lifting method was his was of doing things.

Greg first started his fitness career in high school as a wrestler, but later turned towards his older sister for inspiration as she joined the U. Greg said, that seeing the transformations that took place within his sister by developing into a strong and respectable character under a challenging academic, military, and athletic requirements, inspired him to apply for the Naval Academy.

With a 4.0 GPA from high school and a successful start in school wrestling, Greg looked no further than a career in the Navy to achieve something spectacular, much like his sister.

More often than not this will result in an injury which takes us out of the gym for longer than planned, making your goals even harder to achieve.

A tip from Greg for the perfect body – Some rules that we can learn from Greg are; correct form, keep the body guessing and the ideal body equation.

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