Playing with matches misadventures in dating

We can only speculate and form theories without first hand accounts.

However, there are news articles, documentaries, movies, and even a TV episode from Dr Phil retelling the abduction story of a sex slave in detail.

So it has been a few months since my last post, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been out there gathering up intel and stories for the dating world.

So for anyone who normally reads my posts, you know I last left off with being dumped by a guy I called Old Bae.

(I would say this applies to men also, but you all have a whole different set of crazy you have to deal with.) If the government aint going to put this information out there, I will. You’re not sold on them but they seem to be a solid person to date. From here, things may differ based on the age of the fuckboy. On the date, he tells a story about a girl he calls crazy because she was upset that he wouldn’t settle down with her. But when he wouldn’t tell me what he said that set her off, I was suspicious. They don’t care that we are on this planet for a finite amount of time and that you have goals and aspirations. In a relationship for over 5 years, yall are over 30, with your shit together, and he won’t put a ring on it? I mean every guy I went on a date with who it fizzled with after obviously wasn’t a fuckboy because he didn’t text a ton anymore.

Here we go: So this is the first level of a fuckboy. Things normally progress like this: you meet this guy in some manner. A younger one will elude that he is looking for a gf. (My guess is he had turned on all the charm, slept with her, stayed with her a week because he needed a place to stay, and then when confronted about being together, he probably told her no thanks. If she had this blog she would have known.) Otherwise the date was super fun and good. They just want you there making them happy and for what you do for them. Dating 5 months and he says he’s not ready for a serious relationship? Every long term relationship isn’t doomed if there’s no ring.

First off, I have to thank Old Bae for making me realize what I am out here looking for. They are a cross between a Wine and Dine Her mixed with a high level narcissist. These are the men who will toy with a woman’s feelings at any cost because they are literally only concerned with their own needs and happiness.

I am not going to be out here wasting my time with dudes who are trying to waste mine. With that said, I am in no way at all going to tolerate fuckboys going forward in 2018. They get their name because basically its like being at a petting zoo and thinking you saw a unicorn. They know they will never commit to the next level of a relationship but will try their best to skirt around ever breaking up or admitting that they will not be your one and only.

This is my PSA for all ladies currently in or potentially heading back into the dating world. But they at least aren’t total shit like the remaining 2 levels. I mean I realized I encountered these guys when I was younger, but I was a commitmentphobic wild child so I wouldnt have likely fallen for this mess. These are those dudes that you meet and seem to think may be a good guy. I mean he does everything you want and seems to be open to being with you permanently. This guy, we will call him Tennis, did all the above pre-reqs. These guys will waste your time and have no regard for it. The same goes for you men if the shoe’s on the other foot. I mean there are clearly exceptions to all of this, but these are pretty much your brightline rules.

When she meets up with him, they may have a ‘nice’ time at first and then what? Is it possible that the trafficker’s sidekick or male or female gang member shows up to help with the kidnapping?

Is the counterpart waiting around the corner to shove the victim in the car?

So with that said, I have been back out there in the dating world doing my thaaang.

So on average I have been doing about 2 dates a week, occasionally even 2 a day.

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