Playfire not updating ps3

I managed to get to the last 2 checkpoints on elite mode on Killzone 2, but I'm really gonna get these valor trophies done if I can, because I'm worried there won't be enough players to get them done really.Since it's only these trophies and elite I need for platinum ;-; Lol, luckily I had a buddy to go through both Watchmen games.I don't think I can stop playing it How do you add your trophy card as your signature?I get the error: Your signature is linking to a graphics file that fails to meet the image filesize requirements. What i did was save the pic, then open it with picture manager, go to file, then export, then change it from PNG to JPEG, it will automatically save. Although you have to keep updating it (not sure if you have to do that anyway) When you say keep it you mean you have the game already?“It brings up a lot of fears and those fears ignite the temptation not to talk about it,” acknowledges Lisa Little, MSc, a chartered psychologist in Calgary, Alberta.Although research is limited on how bipolar disorder affects new relationships, a report published in a 2008 issue of Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology and other studies have found that marital disruption is higher when one partner in a relationship has a mental illness like bipolar disorder.“One issue with dating when you have bipolar disorder is dealing with intense mood states, from extreme highs to extreme lows,” notes Sylvia.

“Both ends of the spectrum cause problems in relationships.” In a manic state, Chris can become volatile and unreliable, arguing with girlfriends over trivial matters and canceling plans with little regard to their feelings.One girlfriend tried to be compassionate, she recalls, but attributed all of their arguments to the disorder, making Victoria feel discounted as a person.When Victoria met an artist who also has bipolar disorder, she thought it would be the perfect match.Today announced a major update to their PS3 trophy card system. Achievements copies Ratchet and Clanks' SKILLS system LIPS copies Sing Star New xbox menu copies XMB. copies BUZZ Avatars copies HOME and Mii's "You're in the movies" copies PS EYE games Banjoo Koozie copies LBP Microsoft copies the PS3 by releasing a larger HDD Microsft copies Trophies by releasing "Medals" for some games Microsoft copies PS3's High Def format by releasing HDDVD add-on Xbox copies PS2 with the DVD Xbox copies PS2 Microsoft copies Sony by releasing a game system So, really, STFU. i never doubted that PSN would eventually catch up to Live.With three new trophy patches hitting PS3 for Warhawk, Novastrike and PAIN recently they felt the time was right to expand their trophy card selection with a new slim alternative that's designed specifically for forum signature spaces, along with a number of new trophy card themes. In addition to the new size and themes, they've introduced 'automated level calculation' based off the number & type of trophies you have fully integrated and functioning with a new level progress indicator so you no longer need to constantly adjust or guess your level. Guitar Hero 4 copies Rock Band Rock Band copies Guitar Hero Guitar Hero copies Gitaroo Freaks I think what you are trying to say is that innovation is nowhere to be found in the videogames industry...except for Nintendo and SEGA of course. i mean, Sony doesn't let you slip an inch past them without being able to promise you a challenge you later on in the game. You do realize that these are still not automatic like LIVEs cards and Sony has nothing to do with right? I take it you disagreed because I sounded like I was supporting PSN?

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