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Go to the beach and find Matt (Amy's brother), who will be riding it on the shore.

Give Matt one of the following items to get the bike back: lunchbox, cookies, game, or MP3.

"Mako may be bland and dense, but his curiosity keeps him opening up to new people and things.

There are times when he has his regrets, though." He can be found in the Park.

That's cool I guess..." When giving him a gift, Kaoru likes: lunchbox, cookies, game, watch, soda, and MP3.

Kaoru is considered rebellious and doesn't do too well in school. After befriending the player, he works harder in school and plans to get a job at a video rental after the festival.

Around the early stage of the game, Akito will mention that his bike was stolen.He is also known for having a negative attitude at times." He can be found in the School.When the player selects the correct option when speaking to him, he responds with "Ha, really?After befriending the player, he cleans up his act and he talks about how he wants to become a surgeon one day. I'll have to go buy something from the bakery later." Of the two options, the player should say "That's not healthy! Note: If the player is using cheats and gave themselves items, when following these steps, the cutscene will not trigger but Ren will still be unlocked. Character from the Anime Sim date games and Memory Days, makes an appearance in Kaoru's play as Mr. Cheats Puzzle Answers - Math Puzzle (Library): 3 The key to solving this puzzle is time.After 30 days, go Backstage to end the game with Ren. After a short while, Kaoru will say something that is in blue text. Yumi is a friend of the player and introduces the game. If it's and if you take 4 hours away, the time would be .

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