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ENFJs tend to take charge of a situation and easily take upon the role of a leader.

Becoming a leader that leads others towards learning and growth energizes the ENFJ — they make exceptionally enthusiastic leaders!

ENFJ Meaning ENFJ stands for extraversion (E), intuition (N), feeling (F), and judging (J).

Extraversion is associated with such qualities as being outgoing and friendly.

We talked a lot about ENFJ relationships and their compatibility with other types here. ENFJ Strengths ENFJ Learning Style ENFJ students like to learn in a group environment where they can freely interact with others and talk about the lesson.

They prefer humanities to science, and their favorite subjects relate to studying people and their needs.

Other Names for ENFJ Official MBTI assessment site calls this type Compassionate Facilitator. Otto Kroeger in his “Type Talk” named this type The Great Communicator or Smooth-Talking Persuader. They radiate energy and optimism; not only are ENFJs enthusiastic about their own life, but they are excited about your life too.

Being deeply in love with humanity, they manage to see potential in every person they meet. ENFJs hardly sit at home and are great at organizing parties and other social events.

For example, ENTJ people base their self-image on being competent achievers and go-getters.

However, they have a special appreciation for those who are sincerely interested in them and actively seek involvement with them in life’s tasks.

Following will increase your chances: ENFJ in Love, Dating and Relationships ENFJs are all about romance.

Finally, judging is associated with structure and organization. ENFJ is mixed Choleric-Phlegmatic temperament when translated to the four temperaments model.

It means that you prefer to plan things in advance so that you know what to expect. How to Recognize an ENFJ ENFJs stand out with their positive attitude and a lot of smiles.

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