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It gets crowded though as many Thais go there to play in casinos.

(Gambling is illegal in Thailand.) Tourists who wish to see Angkor Wat can also take the Aranyapathet route, then take a taxi or bus to Siem Reap.

(On the flip side, Ali and Roberto plan to BABY BOOM: Pink admits she's aglow with expectancy...

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[Via] Muscular Dystrophy Association Muscle Team Gala & Benefit Auction Where: Pier 60, Chelsea Piers Who Was There: Miss Teen USA, Miss USA Rima Fakih, Mrs. Slaughter, Ramses Barden, Chris Snee, Michael Boley and Matt Dodge Other Details: Despite the image, no children were harmed during the benefit which served as a dinner and auction.

Next week is the finale, also featuring Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey. THOROUGHBRED ENGAGEMENT OF THE WEEK: Prince William has finally offered to make an honest royal of trendsetter Kate Middleton after roughly eight years of dating, giving her his late mum's ring and everything! CIVILIAN ENGAGEMENT OF THE WEEK: Like her supportive ex, Jessica Simpson is ready to give the newlyweds thing another try, too, accepting a proposal from retired footballer Eric Johnson (who isn't a poor social climber, for those of you who were wondering).

In case it seems like he put a ring on it rather fast (not Xmas fast, though), consider this: Le Ann Rimes' ex-husband, Dean Sheremet, is also planning to take the plunge again after being divorced for about five minutes.

Before she danced for her spot in the final, Bristol opened up to E!

News about the controversy, the so-called conspiracy and life in general.

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    Saturday is indeed an exception to this rule, but then it is reserved for widows.

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    Al Gore met with President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka as she announced that she wants to make climate change one of her signature issues.