Ora 14402 updating partition

In my particular case I exported the rows as insert statements, updated the index key field and updated the ID field, and inserted the rows as new rows.You could then potentially delete the old rows if you have the need or leave them in the old partition.Last updated on JUNE 05, 2019 Oracle Golden Gate - Version and later Information in this document applies to any platform.Replicat fails with following error OCI Error ORA-14402: updating partition key column would cause a partition change (status = 14402), SQL Aborting transaction on /ggs/trail/eodsprd/sik/sike/se beginning at seqno 1005 error at seqno 1759Problem replicating ACT_BPM. ACT_BPM_DEVICEMapping problem with compressed update record (target format)...*ID = 1872347...I learnt a new thing too after 15 years of using oracle. my favorite math professors always used that math term - neccessary and sufficient condition; same applies to Tom's replies - he provides precisely the needed amount of information - not too much, not too little - just sufficient and neccessary.great work Tom.Hi tom, Following up on the row movement example above, here is a case (v9206) where I notice random ORA 30926 errors.I came to this page after getting the "ORA-14402: updating partition key column would cause a partition change" error message.I then tried ALTER TABLE x Yz ENABLE ROW MOVEMENT and, like a miracle, my problems fizzled away!

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