Only the lonely dating

The numbers begin to jump within the age group 32-37, but without question, the three age groups with the highest number of women are the 38-43 group, the 44-49 group, and the 50-55 group.There are even far more single women available in the 56-61 age group than there are in the 18-25 and 26-31 combined. Among most heterosexual men, the appeal of a woman’s strictly sexual companionship will always remain fairly high, assuming the women have been blessed with a reasonably attractive face and have managed to keep their figure reasonably shapely.what motivation is there to spend time with a woman [non-sexually] when you know she has had multiple male sex companions by the time she is 35 or 40?

Framed as a boy-meets-girl love story, the movie is really about the nagging romance between a ”good” Irish-Catholic son and the mother who’s guilt-tripped him into taking the place of her late husband.The film is a virtual remake of (1955), the laboriously winsome Paddy Chayefsky fable in which Ernest Borgnine, in an Oscar-winning performance, played a schlubby Bronx butcher who finds love in a dance hall.Only the Lonely, too, is a tale of sweet-souled urban misfits.She keeps putting off her amorous next-door neighbor (Anthony Quinn) because he’s Greek, and she’ll willingly ruin her son’s life rather than be left alone.Yet as O’Hara plays her, this monstrous mom has fire and soul; that’s why Danny can’t let go of her apron strings.

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