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Question answered: So we’ve met 4 months ago online and we started dating just a week ago. Usually, when a couple starts dating and they both like each other, they each make time to see each other. You may have already imagined the two of you as a couple. Usually guys who are into the women they’ve just met have a lot of time for them.Now he’s saying he’s been pretty busy, I said I understand because I’m really trying to be mature and work this out but I’m still bothered by it. Four months is a long time to be talking online without meeting. Making an excuse about being busy after meeting only a week ago would bother me too.If someone says they had a really nice time, but they seemed to get bored about halfway through and kept checking their phone, they were probably bored. Especially when texts and emails and Gchats and Snaps and Instagrams and DMs are so easy to send.If you’ve ever had a crush on anyone ever, you know that that means over-checking your phone, responding to texts too quickly, agreeing to dates enthusiastically, and magically rearranging plans to make time to hang out. All the sudden you’re willing to stay out until way past your normal, adult bedtime just because you get to hang out with the hottie you met at the county fair or whatever. It’s really easy to be in contact with someone, so while it’s totally normal to not be able to make a date for one week, it’s not normal for someone to be so busy that she can’t initiate a text/social media conversation in that amount of time. Pay attention to the signals that women are putting out, but remember that there isn’t one standard way that everyone behaves.

You have to gage the surroundings and the social situation. The differences between Online Dating VS Real Life Dating. And since it’s a text, which means you’re not there physically in front of her, it’s soo much more stress-free. And she can’t be sexually attracted to her friend, so she won’t go on a date with you.Let’s take Online Dating first: Literally, a GODSEND… Having the opportunity to talk and flirt with multiple women at a time without even being there physically is an enormous thing. I’m doing this because I’ve seen a TON of men getting it wrong and going about Online Dating from the wrong angle. And since the consequences are soo low, chances are both of you will be willing to talk more violently about things that may be weird if you were to talk about in real life. And they most men will ask for a date, but the woman will reject it. As much as some people want to believe in this, you have to be very skeptical about anything online.Each of those things, by itself, is not worth putting the brakes on a budding fuck situation, but if you have all of those together, you should probably stop putting in effort for a while. If you had a great time on a date, don’t get caught in a loop of overthinking things, wondering if she That said, when it comes to deciphering any level of mixed signals, the golden rule is: Pay as much attention to their actions as you do to their words.If someone says they’d love to go out again, but never initiates a date, they aren’t into you. For instance, if someone puts off a date because they’re busy, but they also keep following up to reschedule and are sincerely apologetic about it—that’s a great sign. Don’t date people who put in a lot less effort than you.

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