Old snl skits about dating

This isn’t the first time has spoofed dating sites (the “Settl” sketch about finding mediocre partners and the bit about Martha Stewart on the hunt for hook-ups come to mind).

But maybe alien humor is the way of the future in this new age of space exploration.

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Well, Emma Stone has also moved on to ~greener relationship pastures~ and is dating come for a deep dive into their relationship because honestly, it’s the only way for you not to be caught off guard when the inevitable wave of Hollywood engagements hits this summer.

Her coworkers naturally resist for a while, but once the proverbial floodgates open, Louise is suddenly incredibly verbose about her wants and desires.

I don’t know which of the writers concocted this, but I’d like to buy whoever wrote the phrase “six-way Spider-Man” a tasty beverage of her or his choice.

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