Not take dating too seriously

Finally, if you need a reminder that your problems aren’t as big as they seem and you want to readjust your perspective, get out of the city and look at the stars. It is filled with burning balls of gas, galaxies and solar systems beyond counting, and (in all likelihood) thousands of other civilizations fighting their own wars and facing their own challenges. What better reason could there be not to take your life to seriously?

The only thing that really matters is enjoying your life as much as you can and helping other people do the same.

For example, you might find yourself visiting a new city like London or Paris and end up thoroughly confused by the transit system. Getting lost in a new city will lead to a way better story than going to some stuffy museum anyway.

You can’t find out how to get where you want to go and it makes you want to scream. If worrying is unproductive and money doesn’t make us happy, why do we waste so much time on those things? If you’re lucky enough to make it to age 90 you still have less than 800,000 hours between the time you are born and the time you die to cherish and enjoy all the things that make up life.

Each of these can be utilized in a way that helps us become better at learning new skills and developing ourselves.

Understanding where we are strong and where we are weak helps us improve what we learn and how we learn.

If we valued our happiness over money (as many of us claim to) we would do everything we could to spend time with friends and family and not worry so much about putting in extra time at work.

I am a very visual person and I need to see how to do something.

What I am doing is taking my naturally dominant visual and kinaesthetic learning style and applying the cognitive skill of logical reasoning to learn the best method for folding clothes.

A two-minute video of Marie Condo folding a tee-shirt while I am following the instructions ensures I am internalizing and applying the correct method to fold a tee-shirt.

Recently, I have been learning how to fold clothes the Marie Kondo way.

I regularly have an item of clothing on the table and Marie Kondo on You Tube ‘showing’ me how to fold.

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