No cc cams

Like the previous cameras, this model features remote viewing and control via your mobile, along with motion detection.

The camera lens is visible on the front of the unit, but it’s unlikely anybody will spot it, especially in the dark.

For too long, the smart home hasn’t been very smart.

No cc cams-29

This introductory video by You Tube channel Gato Cam shows off this camera’s capabilities nicely: Like the camera above, this lens is unfortunately visible when looking at the bulb — although who would think to check the lightbulbs for cameras?Unfortunately, such a small camera comes with a few trade offs.There’s no wireless control via an app, so you’ll need to manually start and stop recording.Similarly, if it’s not obvious that a home is protected with cameras, criminals may not think to target your house.Generally speaking, the use of hidden cameras in your own home is legal in most states, but recording in certain circumstances can be illegal, as can recording for nefarious purposes.

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