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They flirted over the phone and she visited Stanley’s flat in Worthing, West Sussex.

But it ended when Sophie fell for chef David Slattery, 24.

She was firmly in the saddle, showing him a wild side far removed from her strait-laced image on the Channel 4 show.

Stanley told pals: “She knew exactly what she wanted.

The 23-year-old did what most of us probably would have done, especially at his age.

GREAT British Bake Off star Sophie Faldo is being investigated for alleged benefits fraud.

Sure this is a wonderful guarantee but Rory knows the biggest thing is winning golf tournaments. But if it holds him back for a split second in his mind then you will question it.

1 golfer is reportedly going to announce that he has accepted it in the coming weeks.Stanley mimed the lyric, “I’m a sex machine ready to reload” as Sophie rubbed his chest in the clip later put on You Tube.The pal said: “She knew what she wanted and they certainly enjoyed each other’s company.BAKE Off winner Sophie Faldo enjoyed a steamy fling with a toyboy 12 years her junior after pulling him on a bike ride to Paris.Pals revealed she had a boob job before seducing cyclist Stanley Kennett, 22.

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