Nia vardalos john corbett dating

Ian is bewildered by her behavior, and Toula figures she's lost her chance to get to know him.

In a small step towards independence, Toula wants to take computer classes at a local community college.

One day at the restaurant, Toula notices a handsome young customer—Ian Miller, a high school teacher.

Toula thrives in her new job, and one day she sees Ian walking by the travel agency.EXCLUSIVE It’s taken 14 years but Nia Vardalos has finally made the follow up to her hit rom-com.“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,” opens March 25, the same date as another small movie (the behemoth “Batman v. The whole cast returns, including John Corbett, Lainie Kazan, Joey Fatone, Andrea Martin and Michael Constantine.I asked Vardalos if she ever considered making a trilogy? I asked her about the lack of good scripts and parts for women older than Jennifer Lawrence.“I’m never going to say no again because I said no for so long, so I’m going instead to say this, ‘I’m open! “I think there’s a value to Jennifer Lawrence because she speaks to a generation and there’s a value to every age of woman on screen and I just can’t whine about it that there aren’t roles for women,” Vardalos told me.

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