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But being such a fiend on this game I always check back to see any updates which I'll admit it was neat to see a game like that grow.

I loved the game so much that it honesty gave me the worst dating advice...

Plus the guy is remaking it as it own standalone thing without the DNA2 characters (btw, never watched the anime).

But at the same time, there are better time wasters out there.Since it was the point when I discovered girls and its one of the only way without paying any money to see girls naked (remember those times before Google Image).One day is like every other teenage day I done my ritual checking around to see if my parents and siblings are not around.Plus if you want something that gets your rocks off..Google it.[https:// Link to another site] - Link to another site Linking When you mention an album, artist, film, game, label, etc - it's recommended to link to the item the first time you mention it.

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