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Their down to earth ways prevent the Dutch from getting all caught up in this fuzzy, romantic, somewhat commercial holiday.

Our users are ‘Tinder-Tired’ and are looking for a more selective group of singles, to find a better match.”Vermeulen founded The Inner Circle in 2012, when (and because) he himself was still single.

The app aims to bring users in contact with ambitious and like-minded others through an app and events.

The scale-up focusses on (large) international cities.

A lot of the Dutch dating culture is based on instinct, when it feels right it must be right.

Going Dutch As much as there are no codes about when things ‘should’ happen, there is one rule the Dutch tend to stick to and that is splitting the bill, better known as ‘Going Dutch’.

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    The player must travel around locations in town, such as the school and mall, speaking to different girls and learning about them.