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Despite Lydia being attacked by Peter Hale, an Alpha Werewolf, at the end of Season 1, which triggered the latent Banshee abilities that Lydia inherited from her paternal grandmother Lorraine, Natalie remained completely clueless about the supernatural and her daughter's inherited supernatural legacy for some time.In Season 3, Natalie took a job as a biology teacher at the high school after a five year break from her teaching career, which gave her a more active role in Lydia's life, though she still remained blind to the supernatural world even as Lydia's growing powers led to what appeared to be strange behavior to those unaware of her world, such as unconsciously screaming, wandering out of the house at night, and finding dead bodies, behavior which only become more frequent throughout the months that followed.Natalie is a member of the Martin Family and is an employee at Beacon Hills High School. She once told Noah Stilinski that she once had a bad feeling about her sister while she was in college and that when she called her, she found out she had been taken to hospital due to a burst appendix.

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The Kalpoe brothers are arrested on the same day and all three are charged with, "involvement in the voluntary manslaughter of Natalee Holloway or causing serious bodily harm to Natalee Holloway, resulting in her death." New evidence had emerged in the form of Internet chat logs in which Joran stated that Holloway was dead on the same day she disappeared.However, Lydia snarkily replied "You should have thought about that before wearing those shoes," before smiling sweetly and telling her she loved her.Natalie told her she loved her as well, though she was clearly insecure about the style of her shoes, and went up to the front of the class to teach.However, she was horrified when she found that Lydia's sheets were covered in blood, and only became more concerned when she discovered that Lydia had punched her vanity mirror while she was sleeping, causing her to get glass shards in her knuckles that bled all over her sheets through the night.Natalie asked Lydia why she hurt herself like that, but Lydia seemed to have no memory of the event.

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