Nadia buari and van vicker dating neil jackson dating

It is a normal assumption that most people starring in Nollywood Movies are Nigerians.Nevertheless, he has played more active roles in Nigerian movies than in Ghana movies, that is why he is presumed to be a Nigerian.He explained, “Things didn’t get messy as people thought.Two people met in the entertainment industry and there was a reality show at a time that kept us together.Like every other actor, he has the same dream and believes it will come to pass as soon as time demands.His heightened appearance in Nollywood is a good reason to prove that he is moving quite quickly into the Hollywood industry.In most of these movies, he plays the role as the main character.Apart from acting, Van Vicker has a passion for directing movies and is currently working to actualise this dream.

Joseph Van Vicker was born on August 1, 1977, in Ghana to a Ghanaian/Liberian mother and a Dutch father.Before becoming a movie star, she was used to having him close home but things have radically changed over a short period of time.However, he describes his wife as a strong woman who understands how to handle his busy schedules away from home.If you love Nollywood movies, you have probably encountered Joseph van Vicker.He is described as a sexy character due to his humble appearance and character in most of the movies.

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