Myolie wu and bosco dating

Yes, I think they're great options (laughs), but I think it's better if I look for guys who are not in the entertainment industry.

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After watching the film, the couple were seen quarreling Before marriage with Lee, the Hong Kong best actress Wu was dating her co-star, Bosco Wong in 2004.I like guys who are positive and open-minded, and those whom I can talk to easily about a lot of things, and it helps if we have a lot in common.You know, it'll be good if we share similar views on family and life, and all of that.So I'm hoping to meet more people who are not working in this industry, and broaden my horizons a little. But that is because I tend to invest a lot of emotions into my relationships and I'm serious about the relationships.So if I get jealous, it only means that I care about my other half. I also like it when guys get jealous over me because it means that they care about me.

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