Ms word calendar control not updating

Click on the User Form to select it and make the following changes in the Properties Window: Name: frm Calendar Caption: Select a Date You need to draw a Calendar Control (active objects on forms are called "controls") on the User Form, but the one you need is not normally included in the Toolbox.

If you haven't already installed the Calendar Control tool, go to Tools NOTE: The Calendar Control is an Active X control (actually a file called mscal.ocx) supplied with Microsoft Office.

You can build the calendar in which is Word's "Normal" template.

It is loaded whenever Word opens so if placed here, you calendar will always be available to you.

Next, open the Visual Basic Editor by choosing Tools Visual Basic Editor (or keys: Alt F11).

In the Project Explorer window, normally in the upper left corner of the Visual Basic editor) locate and click on the document in which you want to build the calendar, either Normal (the Normal Template) or Project (Document1) (where "Document1" is the name of your new, empty document in Word).

If the Project Explorer is not visible, open it from the View menu.

Go to View Code (Keys: F7) to open the User Form's code window.You will find it on the CD that your copy of Microsoft Office Professional came on, or you can download a copy from here.[Follow this link for full instructions on downloading and installing the Active X Calendar Control file.] Click the Calendar tool then click on the User Form near its upper left corner to place a calendar on the User Form.By setting the button's Cancel property to True the effect of the user hitting the [ESCAPE] key will be to programmatically click the button.The user doesn't need to see the button, so you can hide it behind the calendar.

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