Most popular chinese dating sites

“People who use Tantan only want to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but people who use Baihe want to get married.” In his opinion, people use services like Baihe and Jiayuan because of parental pressure to start a family.

“Maybe I don’t want to get married yet,” he says when asked if he has used the marriage-focused services before.

They are expected to get married and have children just like their parents.

However, unlike their guardians—whose choices were restricted by geography and social class—the pool of potential mates has , new digital matchmaking tools are not so much an innovation, as “a reinvention of the old model.” They provide some liberation, but “continue to carry on the core Chinese marriage values,” she told Tech Node.

It claims to have over 170 million users and operates offline stores in 71 cities, making it the biggest online dating site in the country.

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Previously, potential partners would be introduced by family members or friends, sourcing them from their social circles.

Liu says that although he would like to meet people at a bar or coffee shop, using an app allows access away from social events.

“Real places would be better, but apps are more convenient. The increase in active users has quickly filled bank accounts.

Making up 20% of China’s population, this group is just reaching (or about to) the legal marriage age—22 years old for men and 20 years old for women.

Today’s youth feel the same societal pressures that weighed on their parents.

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