Most intimidating football grounds in england

The architect who designed it had two themes in mind: beauty and intimidation.

Hopefully, Arsenal players will illuminate the Emirates.

The world's most popular domestic football league, the Premier League, plays in some of England's grandest stadiums.

If you've ever wondered where the biggest football stadiums in England are to be found, and which clubs ply their trade in them, then you'll enjoy our guide to the 10 Biggest Football Stadiums in England: London's Wembley stadium stands aloof from the partisan rivalries that fuel English football.

Goodison is a lush field which other teams find intimidating to play in. However, it lags behind in technology and Everton is considering moving to a better home ground once they gather enough financial resources.

The new stadium in Falmer opened in 2011 and paint was still fresh when decision to expand had to be taken, such was the demand after success in winning promotion to the Premier League.

With a seating capacity of 54,074, it is the 6th biggest stadiums of the EPL.

Recently, it has been renovated to increase the capacity.

Opened in 1880, St James’ Park is one of the oldest stadiums with a dash of sanctity. Familiar surroundings, less travel and the support of their fans: For Premier League teams the stadium often has a huge impact on their success. Experienced gamblers use the knowledge of the home field advantage when they place bets and also beginners can try their luck by using a bet365 Bonus Code from Formerly known as Samfordesbrigge, the Blues’ paradise was inaugurated in 1876.Chelsea has spent a lot of money on the stadium to bring a state-of-the-art ambiance with beautiful stands that allow spectators to enjoy the football actions flawlessly. Another iconic football stadium in England is the Anfield, which was set up in 1884.A splendid architect is the climax of Etihad Stadium.The audience often praises it for a sumptuous environment.

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