Most intimidating fans in hockey

(Source: In hockey and many other sports, intimidation can go a long way. There are many ways to intimidate your opponent from showing off your skills in warm-ups, to working out to look bigger, to your uniform design.When it comes to designing a team logo, it’s important to think about what the logo’s purpose is.

Seven different European skaters blurted, “Thank God.” Guys like Tomas Tatar, they all began recounting the time they’d been Buff’d.This bears face looks as though he’s growling and ready to attack.As he viciously swats a puck away, the viewer knows that the bear means business. PAUL, MN – The close-up of Dustin Byfuglien’s face splashes on the Winnipeg Jumbotron, and the home crowd erupts into a second round of raucous cheers. Byfuglien, sweaty and serious, glances up to see his own face a billion pixels large, hears the 112 decibels of love and doesn’t so much as smirk. But it does the world for his teammates, his fans, his coach, and – most critically – the helpless little green men in his crosshairs.The first roar occurred just moments prior, when he detonated Minnesota Wild captain Mikko Koivu with a shoulder as legal as it is lethal. Except he’s not smiling when he talks about the hit, and he wasn’t smiling during either. Byfuglien’s unflinching expression — business in the front, target on your back — is the cold face of this series.

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