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Like the country's new president, he is a political newcomer.

So how did he rise to the top of Ukrainian politics?

Though the region lies on NATO's weak southeastern flank, the alliance is unlikely to intervene in an area where Russian and Western interests collide.

() Volodymyr Zeleniskiy gave incumbent Petro Poroshenko a record smackdown in Ukraine's presidential election.

The former activist and lawyer, who has only three months' government experience, pledged to end corruption and boost the economy.

At the age of 35, Oleksiy Honcharuk is the youngest prime minister in the history of Ukraine.

The two diplomats clashed on the issue of media freedom.The president's office has denied reports that a prisoner exchange had already taken place.The deal — still under negotiation — could include filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, who was convicted by Moscow in 2015 of terrorism.They are sites of horror that many in Germany have even never heard of: Samhorodok, Ljubar, Plyskiv.In each of these places, more than 500 Jews were executed by the Wehrmacht, SS soldiers and the German police.

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    Date rape prevention programs, although well-intentioned, also scare men away from campuses, Shelley said.

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