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No new class of antibiotics has been discovered in the past three decades, and an alarming trend of antibiotic resistance has now arisen that threatens to undo almost a century of medical progress.Moreover, the rise in population has made many intractable problems, such as environmental degradation and the loss of biodiversity, even worse.You can select any of the available ball shapes too.

***Twitter Star Ratings ***Three Stars – Posting Weekly Engaging with Followers & “Thought Leadership” – Global Values & Vision **Two Stars – Posting Weekly and Thought Leadership * One Star – Posting Weekly & Corporate Sales Pitch How do you Note: CEO with less than 1,000 followers are not included. Please follow us @techtionary Note: Twitter accounts are based on Twitter, Google and other searches and may not be the only Twitter account used not by the companies nor individuals of the companies they run nor reflect any changes at the companies mentioned.

As noted Twitter expert Evan Kirstel just named Top B2B-Business-to-Business Influencer with 100K followers stated, “Twitter is way to meet new prospects and partners, it IS the way you run your company. ” That is, CEO’s are beginning to see the real value of Twitter not just for their company but for their role as CEO in the company they run.

The New Social Media Engaged CEO as “The ultimate value of any CEO is the price of the stock and social media can impact that.” If you are a CEO or C-Level we can help you and your company use Twitter to gain-retain followers and customers email [email protected] we can provide proven cost-effective results and references.

As reported by Entrepreneur magazine, here are: Four Ways Richard Branson Does Social Media The biggest gainer in the business world was @elonmusk CEO of Telsa with 6.5 million and 240,000 new followers.

In today’s business-political-social world, you are measured by many factors including the number of Twitter followers you have.

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