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That might make it sound worryingly like a conscience-driven cinematic lecture, but it's not Ken Loach behind the camera, it's Todd Phillips, who directed the Hangover films. Indeed, I have rarely been so grippingly entertained.

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Home Secretary Priti Patel made clear last month that she wanted free movement - regarded as one of the main drivers of the 2016 Brexit referendum result - to end immediately after the UK leaves the bloc.

HMS Montrose (bottom right, near) escorting the container ship Brighton (far) through the Gulf.

British health and beauty journalist Alice Hart-Davis (pictured left to right main) put a selection of Eighties workout videos (inset left to right) to the test including Jane Fonda.

A rich industrialist called Thomas Wayne (Brett Cullen) is campaigning to become mayor to get Gotham back on its feet.

Those of you who recall the Batman origin story should note that he has a young son called Bruce.

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