Mental health dating

Michael claims that he finds it easier to date someone who does not have a mental illness.

Dating is already difficult, he says, and adding another person’s mental illness into the mix complicates it further.

In reality, the spectrum of mental illness is vast not only as a field, but in specific illnesses and in every individual.

I’ve said before there’s no “one size fits all” dating advice, nor is there a “one size fits all” solution to your dating woes. It all starts with the choices you make about your dating life and how you live it. Blame it on “bad luck” if you want but in the end making some minor changes will make some major differences in your dating life. Here is how I worked my way through the challenges to end up in a much happier place.

Being single and dating messes with your Mental Health.

If you fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself up and keep walking. The road for some is longer than the road for others just like some people’s road is bumpier than others, but, it’s still a road with a final destination – so keep walking.

Use your lessons learned from previous experiences to avoid those pot holes and roadblocks to make your journey more pleasant.

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