Memebase dating

People on Twitter have since begun exaggerating the scenarios into complete satire, resulting in hilarity.

With her project Tinder Diaries, the American artist Audrey Jones, shows with a lot of humor the conversations with her Tinder matches, offering an offbeat reflection on human relationships and seduction in the digital realm.She uses inspiration from her own relationship with Joey Rudman, and relationships of those close to her to show people what the ins out outs of love really are, and they're things you'd least expect.For more, visit her instagram / Websiteweb Featuring a dogs, Kanye West, Donald Trump and (of course) fidget spinners.The emotionally stunted, albeit pun-inclined, ever inappropriate Tinder pickup fiends (see last week's batch here) are back at it again this week to keep us entertained and a little bit discouraged with the state of the modern dating climate.Wonder if any of these clowns got the anywhere after 'breaking the ice.' One day you're swiping, then the next day you find yourself in someone's personal game show.

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