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In the final match of his career, Brute legitimately attacked a referee backstage breaking his nose, because the referee made a decision on a match that Brute didn’t agree with.

Brute was basically blackballed from wrestling at that point.

Some say he was playing a game of ‘Russian Roulette’ and others like his son believe Brute Bernard took his own life in a suicide like his dear friend Skull Murphy did over 14 years prior. You can read all previous ‘Wrestling with Sin’ pieces here.

Amy Christine Dumas (April 14, 1975), best known by her stage name Lita, is a retired professional wrestler and singer best known for her time with WWE.

Nemeth allegedly took out a gun and shot Moscal three times in the chest killing the 34 year old Marine.

One day after work in 1984, Brute and a few of his co-workers went to Brute’s farm.Many of the stories involves such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder!As with every single story in the Sin series…I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants.Taichi Ishikari would apologize for the affair and would return to NJPW after his suspension was lifted.He is still married to Ofune and the couple have two children.

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