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But as she entered her 20s — a time when "everyone starts talking about your marriage" in the Indian community, according to Hemangini — Meera felt overwhelmed by the dating scene.

"I was doing a Master's degree which was a two-year course …

The young women laughed at her certainty — after all, up until then Meera had barely shown interest in dating, let alone marriage. And she wasn't "casting positive thoughts into the universe" or setting unrealistic expectations, either.

Like generations of Gujarati Indians before her, Meera had enlisted her family to find her a husband.

"My dad contacted his dad, and after that we exchanged numbers," she recalls.

Ms Tuxen — who is herself married an Indian man — says this mentality is an enduring one.

Even if things don't pan out with this guy (I desperately hope they do), I can't see myself going back to white men to be honest.

When Meera Patel was 24, she told her friends, "I'm going to find a husband in a year".

Meera was deterred not by the geography, but the difficulty in landing a pharmaceutical job in the States.

Then, in early 2016, her sister-in-law put forward the name of a young New Zealand man, Rushi, who had visited their Swaminarayan temple in Sydney.

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