Maillog not updating

Authorized networks are defined with the mynetworks configuration parameter.The current default is to authorize the local machine only.Postfix configuration parameters resemble shell variables, with two important differences: the first one is that Postfix does not know about quotes like the UNIX shell does.

Fortunately, all parameters have sensible default values.

Alternatively, you can specify the mynetworks list by hand, in which case Postfix ignores the mynetworks_style setting.

To specify the list of trusted networks by hand, specify network blocks in CIDR (network/mask) notation, for example: You can also specify the absolute pathname of a pattern file instead of listing the patterns in the file.

You can specify zero or more domain names, "/file/name" patterns and/or "type:table" lookup tables (such as hash:, btree:, nis:, ldap:, or mysql:), separated by whitespace and/or commas.

A "/file/name" pattern is replaced by its contents; "type:table" requests that a table lookup is done and merely tests for existence: the lookup result is ignored.

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