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I had been shooting kids hanging out at shows for a few years. I am directing them, it’s my shot, I set it up, and I look over my shoulder, and there are a least a hundred photographers behind me with their cameras raised. And yet it’s not so precious that it makes someone feel self-conscious. Could the same innocence be captured in today’s climate? It’s not my favorite way to see bands, but I am always interested in what is happening in the crowd and behind the scenes. It wasn’t about getting it all to Instagram as fast as you can. Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction (right) with wife Etty Lau Farrell.

I loved the drama that always seemed to be taking place elsewhere in the club, almost as if the band was just playing in the background like some coming-of-age punk-rock film. It’s not supposed to be perfect, and that seemed to be understood. Farrell is a founder of Lollapalooza and apparently the only person to have performed at all 12 Coachella festivals to date.

This performance, in particular, was a breakthrough. The music, the talent, her look—there was such a buzz about her.

I’ve never been particularly academic so I found school quite challenging, but I have so many beautiful memories of getting told off for running down the corridor to get to lunch early on Fridays for fish and chips.

It was the year that gave us the Apple i Phone, transforming our lives as well as the concertgoing experience forever.

Britney Spears shaved her head, ended, and the Obama Girl was a viral sensation. Athens, Georgia–based photographer Christy Bush was backstage at Coachella in 2007.

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As this year’s Coachella (perhaps the most corporate of them all) approaches, I thought it would be nice to take a look back at a simpler time—to 2007.

Can you tell us how it felt to perform on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury in 2015?

It was a very enchanting experience; there’s magic in the air at that festival.

My next single ‘Audrey” will be out in April this year on Humble Angel Records.

Video: The Kooks fall out of love in Naive If 2006 was the year of Arctic Monkeys, spare a thought for Britain's other favourite scruffy young indie guitar band, the Kooks, who have quietly crept up on the outside to sell 1.1 million albums. Band leader Luke Pritchard attended the Brits School of the Performing Arts, where he went out with Katie Melua, the queen of coffee-table music.

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