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Raphael also recalls one incident in which he brought three young girls into Presley’s bedroom.He says that even then Elvis did not go beyond kissing and affectionate fondling, and eventually fell asleep with his arms around them, as his records played in the background.Elvis was awarded a medal for marksmanship and another for sharpshooting during his service in the United States Military and also had a Smith & Wesson signature revolver designed in his honor.He had a strange way with women The legend is that Elvis could make any girl fall into bed with him by just looking into her eyes.This in turn resulted in Elvis growing up an emotionally stunted man-child, who needed someone to take care of him at all times.

He did not really want his first guitar When Elvis turned 11, his parents could not afford the bicycle that he wanted for his birthday so he asked his parents for money to buy a rifle instead.

His mother, who was not too pleased with his second choice of gift, managed to talk him into getting a guitar instead, and the young Elvis bought his first guitar for .95 from the local hardware store.

It was with this guitar that Elvis would build his musical journey on, starting with a few simple guitar lessons from friends and uncles.

They even recall how he used to shoot at TV sets if they showed either Robert Goulet or Mel Torme.

Elvis was also reported to have even performed a few shows with a pistol in each boot after receiving an assassination threat.

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